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• Intuitive Smart Pump Technology & optional Real Time SpO2 Monitoring

• 10 digit Keypad Entry for Ease of Programming

• Ease of Use with conventional pump design and proven human factors engineering

• Nonmagnetic design allows for placement up to the 10,000 Gauss Line

• Large LCD display providing highly visible and explanatory feedback

• Expanded Delivery Range of 0.1 to 1400 mL per hour

• Highly flexible – easily expandable to a second channel with add-on SideCar™ module

• Operates on long life Lithium Polymer battery

• Vented 1057 Syringe Set with low priming volume for anesthetic and other syringe-based Drug Delivery

• Unique 1055 Bypass set allows for minimal waste of fluids and convenient patient transfer to the MRidium™ MRI IV Pump

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