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MRI pulse oximeter system

The iMagoxTM 2460 Pulse Oximeter System is a Masimo SET® Technology based Digital Pulse Oximeter for use in a Magnetic Resonance (MR) environment, up to and including 3T MR scanners. It simultaneously measures and displays the functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2) and pulse rate of adult, pediatric and infant patients. 

The large display provides digital and waveform data with SpO2 alarms and user messages, which can be easily seen within the MR scanner room. Operating on battery power, when fully charged, this system will provide up to 18 hours of continuous operation. 

The unique rear clamp mechanism swivels to allow mounting on either a non-magnetic I.V. Pole, or for mounting to a bed side rail.

The 2465 iMagoxTM Wireless Remote Display allows for remote ability to control the Model 2460 MRI Pulse Oximeter from outside the MR Scanner. It utilizes the same user interface as the 2460 Oximeter and will allow adjustment of all Oximeter parameters and resetting alarms. The large clear display shows all Oximeter information at your desk top from the control room.

The Wireless remote also acts as a charger for a backup or spare battery pack for the iMagoxTM 2460 MRI Pulse Oximeter. It utilizes a wireless link at 2.4 GHz for easy installation with no image artifacts.


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